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Commercial Question about Labview Full

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Commercial Question about Labview Full

Normally I would email a sales rep with these questions but was unable to find a contact email for this.

Q1 can we download a time limited or similar evaluation of Labview Full?  It would be nice to have the same feature set as what we would have when we purchase it so we are evaluating the what we would be getting.

Q2 What is the licensing arrangement with Windows.  Can it be installed on multiple machines and used on only 1 at a time? (ie Floating license or honesty system)

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Accepted by topic author Donald367
08-11-2017 11:39 PM

Re: Commercial Question about Labview Full

Q1: Yes you can download LabVIEW and run in Trial mode for 7 days (you can extend this if you have an NI account) While running in trial generally every option is available and there is a watermark on your front panels.


Q2: There is the option of a fixed license system (one machine) though I recall hearing that the licensing permits for a second use (eg. at home). There is also an option to run with a floating license system which is what my business uses. In terms of cost it depends on your use case; contact your local NI rep in your area

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