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Code to press an HTML button which has no ID



I'd like to control an internal webpage with labview. After found THIS topic I was able to create a code with can fill HTML fields with a content, but I'm somewhat stuck as I can't press a button. 


Input fields on that page can be found using the HtmlElementCollection/get_Item method, which returns a reference by which I can set a given attribute (eg: value), but as the button I'd like to press has no ID, I cant use this. There is another method called HtmlElementCollection/GetElementsByName, but I can't process the reference it returns in the same way.


Sorry for not submitting a code, for some reasons LabVIEW just keeps crashing this morning. (but relevant code can be found in under the topic I linked above)





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The crashing code and not finding the button by name was related, after I have rewrote the code I had no such problems. Still I can't press that given button. I have submitted a new topic with a lot longer explanation and a code, so it probably worth checking that one.

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