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Change graph date when 'date unused'

So I have some mini-graphs displaying live data with absolute timestamps. Because the graphs are small and only display 24 hours of data - I turn off the extra date line by setting 'date unused' in the properties:



Now if I want to zoom in on the last hour of data, I would change the start of the x-axis to "9:05:41" but as the previous value was 22:05:41 *yesterday* it then shows the last 25 hours of data (i.e. it's still yesterdays date). I can't seem to find a way to change the (hidden) date to today.


How can I change the date when the date is unused? I was wondering if there was maybe a little graph/chart trick I was missing to save me having to try and do it programmatically - I tried copying+pasting but that didn't work.



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Hi Sam,


even when the date is not shown to the user you still have the date in your underlying data!

So instead of plain "09:00" you should provide a value of "1d 09:00" (with "1d" marking the day you want to display…

(Or to put it in a different way: when you want to display the last hour of data you need to set x_min := "x_max - 3600"!)

Best regards,

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