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Button scaled with unknown criteria

Hello, I'm having troubles with some buttons that I created starting from the System OK button: as you can see from the attached screenshot two of those buttons are automatically scaled while the others are not (this button resize happens when I run the built version of my VI on another computer with Windows 7 without "Aero").

I cannot understand why this happens on those specific two buttons and not on the others.

I attach one button that resizes (Visible.ctl) and one that doesn't (Move.ctl)

Thank you in advance!

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anyone? i still didn't find a solution to this problem 😞

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Do the buttons have different settings regarding "Scale Object with Pane"?

CEO: What exactly is stopping us from doing this?
Expert: Geometry
Marketing Manager: Just ignore it.
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No they don't. And they are all packed in a cluster (even though I have the same behaviour on other buttons that are not in a cluster). The funny thing is that I used the button that does not change size as "template" and replaced in on the button that was automatically scaling, i put the same pictures that it had before and now I have all my buttons not scaling anymore. It's still a mystery that I would like to understand for my future developement (and I don't like mysteries)

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Hello cassaniti,

i tried it out and it seems to work both are scaled in the same way.



best regards
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