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USB 8451 Setup Error

After installing the required driver (inf) for USB 8451 as per USB Instrument Control Tutorial, we found there were some errors for bulk in/out property values.


We would be most grateful if you could tell us how to solve the problem at your earliest convenience.


Thanks a lot,




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Hi James,


Can we receive some additional information about your set-up?


1) Which driver version do you have?
2) Which version of MAX are you using?

3) What OS are you using?


Did the IDN command you sent to your device work? Is CLS the only non-functioning command?

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Thank you very much first.


The driver version is NI USB 8451 1600, and the MAX version is also 2016.


OS is Win7 Professional.


Write command seems OK. But read and STB return errors.


IDN command OK too.


Another thing is that each time when the PC powers on, we have to pull out the USB 8451 then re-plug in to make the MAX test panel appear and work. Otherwise, we cannot test it.


Any instructions and help are highly appreciated



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Additionally, I just noticed on the sales page for your device that is supposed to be plug-and-play, so you should not have had to make an INF file for it.

Sales page:


Have you tried to set up your device according to the user manual for it? According to the manual it should be automatically recognized by MAX. I've linked to the HW/SW manual below.


How are you connected to your device? 

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Yes, it is recognized by MAX after power on although sometimes we have to pull the usb-8451 out first then re-plug it in.


My question is why command write functions properly but commands read and status read return errors.


Could you tell me if these errors will affect the usb-8451's function or performance?


Thanks a lot,



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@James_Creation wrote:

Yes, it is recognized by MAX after power on although sometimes we have to pull the usb-8451 out first then re-plug it in.


Thanks a lot,



That is usually due to Windows Power manager shutting off the USB Hubs.  Check those settings in the Windows Device Manager.


If you want the MAX Test panel to open each time the device is detected you need to check the NI Device monitor settings Capture.PNG

Make sure that "Prevent Notifications" is unchecked "Reset Default Actions" and then plug in your device When prompted Check the box for "Always Perform this action" then select "Test Device"  Now the test panel pops up each time the device is detected.  Otherwise use MAX to launch the test panel whenever you want it.  The "Soft Front Panel" should also be available under Start>>National Instruments NI-<Driver> [Soft Front Panel | Utilities]


Check the device FW version if it is older.  There may be an updated FW version.

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The 8451 does not use SCPI commands like you are using.  I am not sure you should even be using VISA.  Connor check now, but there should be a special soft front panel for the device.  If not, then make a simple VI in LabVIEW to do whatever it is you need.

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Thank you very much for both of your helpful instructions.



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