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Change Value in Debug

Hi all,


In debug mode, how do I change a value?  For example, if a wire has a boolean false value in it, when I am stepping through the program, can I change it to true, so that the program can respond accordingly?  Thanks!




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Probes are passive, you cannot inject new data into the wire.


What you need to do is add a bit of code to troubleshoot. For example, you could disconnect the data source of a wire and replace it with a diagram constant or FP switch, or you could inser an "invert" to see what happens down the wire if the boolean were the opposite. You just need to be a bit creative.


Make sure to save the VI before you start messing with it this way. 😉

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Side-note: This would be a good suggestion to propose in the Product Suggestion Center. There have been many times when I wished I could do this, as I can with Visual Studio.
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As was already said, you can't do this on a wire-level. But you can do this on a VI-level when stepping through your code. You can set a property on a VI called Suspend When Called. When execution reaches the subVI, it will pause before continuing. You will have a chance to see the values on your input controls attached to the connector pane and update them before continuing execution. For instance, if you had a boolean input control that had a False value, you could toggle it to True and then unpause to continue.


This property is in the VI Properties dialog in the Execution section.

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