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how to change graph scale automatically


I am reading from a text file and plotting in chart by selecting the required coulmn. I like to change the Y axis scale automatically as per the values.




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The scales automatically adjust unless you have specifically turned this off, or copied a graph from another VI that had them turned off, or you are using a VI that someone else wrote that had them turned off. Right-click on the chart's scale and select AutoScale Y.
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Right click on the graph and select Y Scale>Autoscale Y. Since this is the default setting, you must have done this to turn it off so I don't understand why you can't turn it back on.
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I have turned the auto scale ON, but one of my column  value is very small( between -0.005 to +0.005), so just i am seeing a very small variation in graph, I like to adjust the scale between those range. Also i have a thought that i can multiply the value by a factor, instead of doing that is there any other way.



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You can right click on the scale and select Duplicate Scale. On the Plot Legend, you can then assign a specific plot to the new scale. This can all be done programatically as well with property  nodes.
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I don't understand. Do you have one plot on the graph, or more than one? You initially indicated you were selecting the required column, which implies one plot. Now it sound like you have more than one, and the one that has a really tiny range is being swamped out by the other(s). If you have more than one you can create a second scale for this plot that has a tiny range (read the Help as it explains how to do this) . Also, are you using a chart or a graph? Your question says graph, but your comments indicate chart. Please clarify.
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