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Can not find the trigger of event structure

Dear all,


I am quite new to LabVIEW. I was asked to modify the program created by a resigned staff.


I want to stop this [5] <Weakened> event under specific conditions.But I don't know what the trigger for this event is.Please see the attached image for more information.


Please give me some hints to find the trigger of this event.
I am sorry that I cannot post the whole program due to company policy.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.




trigger for event.jpg

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Hi plu,


unfortunately you show only a small truncated image of your code, hiding all needed information...


The event trigger is outside of your image: follow the event reference wire!

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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<Weakened> is a boolean dynamic event. You can search for the node 'Generate User Event'.

Or follow the wire. Left of the while loop there is a boolean constant labeld 'Weakened', the next node is 'Create User Event'. Follow the thick green wire comming from 'Create User Event', because this reference is used to generate the user event.


Hope this helps.

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Hello GerdW,


Thank you for your quick reply. 


I have another stupid question - What is the event reference wire? Is it the thick green line?

Sorry for the truncated image. I know this is not much better but I hope it can give you a little more information.

Big thanks


trigger for event2.jpg

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Hey UliB,

Thank you for your answer. It gives me a lot of ideas. I will try to solve this problem as you suggested. 


Big thanks,


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It's probably somewhere to the right (see the arrow):




This is still only a picture. It would have been possible for someone to find it for you if you had attached the .vi code file itself.


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I hope you realize this already, but that is very badly written LabVIEW code.  I don't say that to put the developer down, I say that so hopefully you realize that LabVIEW code can be elegant, well constructed, scalable, and easy to understand.  This is just an example of the opposite of all of that.  I'm sorry you are tasked to make changes to it.  If someone handed me that I would likely just re-write the whole thing, but I understand you probably aren't in the situation where you can.

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Hi LLindenbauer,

Thank you so much for your reply.

please see the attached image. Is this boolean a trigger for the event structure?

Many thanks for considering my request.

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Thank you so much for your sincere advice. I agree with your idea that I should re-write it to make it well-constructed, scalable, and easy to understand. However, I am not so sure how should I start. Should I put each part of this program into subVI?


I am looking forward to hearing more advice from you. I really appreciate any help you can provide. 

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If you really want expert advice from some LabVIEW Experts, send us a LabVIEW file (i.e. a file with the extension .VI, the LabVIEW code) rather than a static, 2-D "picture" of part of the code, so small we can hardly see it, can't edit it, can't test it, can't understand it.


Attach your LabVIEW Code, please.


Bob Schor

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