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Lab View Driver installation of YOKOGAWA Osciloscope model DL 1640L

We have one YOKOGAWA oscilloscope (DL 1640L). We are trying to communicate this device with the Lab View Software but we are not able to communicate with the device because Lab View drivers are not supporting it. Can you help me to found the compatible driver for this model oscilloscope?

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You can find the drivers here.

I still have to maintain a test setup with a DL1620. Works ok with the current version of LV.



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If the manufacturer did not publish a suitable driver, you can create your own driver by referring to the programmer's manual and VISA functions.


This is an excellent tutorial to start with -

Soliton Technologies

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Thanks for replying.

We tried these drivers, but it was showing the driver is not digitally signed. How can I solve that

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These drivers are already many years old.

But you can still use the VI's from the .LLB files.



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