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Can I use more than one USB 6008 in the same program?

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I am working on a project that may require up to six USB-6008 modules.  Before I purchase more I need to know if I can use all six at a time in the same Lab View program.  Can anyone help?

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In MAX you will be able to use all the modules and conversely you can code them individually in LV 🙂 I would recommend subVIs for each DAQ device and make sure you have a big enough bus as well. 

Sam S
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by NickPenny

Hello Nick,


LabVIEW is able to handel that number of DAQ tasks quite easily, however you must remember that USB has a maximum bandwidth. Therefore you would have to ensure that you have enough USB hubs on your PC. Typically there are between two to four USB slots per hub and each of these will have a maximum throughput rate which will divided between all devices attached to that hub. Therefore although you may have four USB DAQ devices attached to four USB ports if they are on the same hub you may notice greatly reduced rates of data transfer. What I would suggest rather than purchasing six or more USB 6008, why not purchase one PCI card which is able to handel many more inputs with a larger bandwidth.


Andrew George @ NI UK
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