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Can I use MyRIO-1900 with LabView 2016

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When I try the demo with LabView 2016, it says unable to resolve from current dialog. 

No idea how to fix it. Any suggestions?

Thank you.



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Try to read the conflict message at the bottom of the dialog. It tells you what to do.

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Read the message it gives you at the bottom.  It seems to explain pretty well what the problem is and how to fix it.


Basically you are trying to run LV 2016, but your myRIO has an older version of LabVIEW installed on it.

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Accepted by topic author WL2016

The myRIO is an example of a LabVIEW Real-Time platform.  It will run stand-alone software just fine, but for communication with another system (your Host PC) running LabVIEW, the version of LabVIEW on the Host PC needs to match the version of LabVIEW RT running on the Remote myRIO.  Fortunately, when LabVIEW on the PC gets updated, it also updates MAX, which (if you have the drivers) can assist you in upgrading LabVIEW RT on your Remote Systems.


[The earlier two answers say the same thing.  Here I'm wearing my Professor Hat to try to explain why upgrading your PC software "broke" the myRIO ...]


Bob Schor

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Thank you all of the answers 

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