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Button does not respond


I'm trying to develop a LV program for a psychology experiment to record a participants mouse movements whilst drawing or tracing a picture using the mouse.

My program uses an event structure to generate an event each time the mouse is moved or the mouse button is pressed or released. Upon each of these events the coordinates and button position is recorded to an array.

When they have finished drawing there is a button "Stop & Save" that allows the user to save the coordinate data to a file. This can then be opened by a sister program I'm developing that allows the movements to be replayed and shows where the mouse button was down and up.

At the start of the program there is the option of loading a background jpeg picture to trace over on the screen.

The program then waits for a 'Record' button to be pressed before moving on to record all coordinates there after until the 'Stop & Save' button is pressed.

The problem I have is that the record button does not respond. It doesn't even change state when pressed, even though at that stage it's just sat in a while loop waiting for it to be pressed before moving on to the event structure.

I attach the program for you to look at.
Any help/hints much appreciated.

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Andrew Alford
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