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Best Practice to present a choosable list of sensors

I am learning Labview on someone else's code. Right now I struggle to retrieve the clicked event of a button in an array of clusters.

Actually the first problem is, that I can't click the "select sensor" button in an array of clusters.



Afterwards I want to use the chosen clusters data. I would like to know if there is a better practice from which I should start.

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You can't click them because "SensorList" is an indicator and not a control.


Since you're new to LabVIEW, it is recommended to go through the training materials available at the top of LabVIEW board.

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Ok, I created a control and initialized it via local variable.

Now I get the desired SensorList Changed Event, when clicking "Select Sensor"

I read that I have to iterate the array of clusters in order to figure out which index actually changed. Is that strill true or is there meanwhile a more elegant way?

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You can create a reference to the cluster item in the array and do a dynamic event registration for a value change of that cluster. That will return the cluster data of the edited cluster as variant data.

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Can you give me further advice? I think my approach is starting wrong?


Do I have to iterate through the already populated array? I googled a lot but didn't find suitable examples

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I found your answer here:


Solved: Re: How to obtain which element changed in a clusters using events? - NI Community


Since this answer describes the solution for only one cluster and not an array of clusters I am stuck.

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