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Avoiding conflicting Telnet sessions



I have written a LabVIEW program to run in an infinite loop to set/query our product during a 24 hr burn-in process via a TCP/IP connection. At 30 minute intervals, the program will stop the loop and cycle the power outlet for only that device by connecting to an Eaton ePDU (Power Distribution Unit). It connects via an Ethernet port and opens a telnet connection. The connection is only 1.5s to turn off and again 1.5s to turn on the outlet. After that it re-initiates the testing loop.


I planned on creating an executable and have the technician enter the device info and IP address then launch the executable. In the mean time, a second device can be later setup with a different IP address and the executable can be launched for the 2nd device to run concurrently with the first. Technically, I should be able to repeat this process for up to 8 devices (there are 8 outlets on the ePDU).


The issue I find is that there is a chance that the two (or more) concurrent sessions can call up the ePDU at the same time. I set up a test scenario and found that if I have one telnet session open with the ePDU and then open a second telnet session, the instance the second telnet session issues a command to turn off power for it's outlet, the 1st session is disconnected.


Does anyone have some innovative ideas on how to alleviate this issue?

My only thought was that if a telnet session times out or fails, it probably was interrupted and I should restart the process. 




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Another option is to have an embedded device or cheap computer to act as a moderator.  Your devices actually just talk to this moderator and then it handles the single Telnet session to the ePDU.

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