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Automation with labview - Frequency Measurements

I'm trying to automate capturing resonance of a material. My current setup is this:



I have a plate with magnets attached to a material. There are coils around the magnets.

I have an accelerometer attached to the plate

I have a sony 5 channel amp that gives voltage to the coils which then excite the magnets which excite the accelerometer.

I read the acceleration output on multimeter.

I have an analog Global Specialties function generator that I sweep with

I find the frequency with the FG, at the peak accelerometer voltage, and I get a resonant frequency.


In addition, I have:

I have a NI-9174 with 4 slots.

I have a NI-9104

I have a NI 9215


My question is. Can I take the analog FG out of the equation and use labview to produce a sinewave which will then be powered to the coils? I want to automate this process where I can set a schedule and it'll sweep and find my peak acceleration.


I'm A CLAD at best ,so a starting point would be nice. First, do I have the capabilty to automate this with the hardware I have? If I do, how would I go about setting up a virtual FG to replace my old dinosaur analog FG?


I'd appreciate any input! Thanks guys.



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You don't list an analog output module or the specs of your function generator. It should be possible to replace the fg and the meter but need to know frequencies, amplitudes, etc. for specific recommendations.
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I have yet to get an AO typical frequency range is 15-120hz while inputing  9mv-20v. The analog FG I have is a Global Specialites 200khz 2001a. Seeing that I'm trying to do this without it, I didn't think that was pertinent.



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I don't see a c series module that can source as much as 20 volts. Your analog input module is for rtd's so you would need something else. I would suggest you just contact your local Sales Engineer to discuss your specific needs.
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wouldn't the amplifier take care the pushing of the voltage after it leaves the DAQ?

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You were the one that said the input signal is 9mv to 20v. If that's not what you are setting the fg to, then what? That's why I asked about the fg specs.
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The FG has a max of 10v. The amplifier gives me the other 10v I need. So really I need to output 10v to my amp from the FG.

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