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Area enclosed weird values

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I have a line connecting 1st and last point of a signal and i want to find the area enclosed by all the regions below & above the line.

I have attached a VI with two scenarios where the area value does not seem to be correct based on visual observation.


note: the vi contains some Open G functions. which i can translate to native LV if need to.


any help will be apreaciated.


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A little confused what youre trying to do, but if im correct youd like to take the area between to functions?  Can you subtract the integration of the lower function from the integration of the larger?

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Hey Matt,

Thanks for asking.
I want to find the area of my signal with respect to a straight line, sort of like normalizing my x-axis so that the skewness of fist and last point don't have as much weight.
Most of the time the area seems correct based on the visual of the above and below region size, a couple scenarios seems like a small region above (visually 10% of total) has a grester área than a larger area ~90% of the signal.
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  • You are using Openg toolkit VIs. I don't have those so please include any subVI that does not ship with LabVIEW.
  • Why is the datatype EXT most of the time?
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Here is the vi without the OpenG stuff.

the EXT was due to one of the OpenG functions.


thank you in advance altenbach.

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Accepted by topic author El_Tipo

Maybe something like this?



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clean and to the point as expected.

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