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Application Web Server - How to Change Port

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Upon installation of LabVIEW, NI adds a process called "Application Web Server" (among a large list of other items) to the startup.  This has become an issue for our Windows users wanting to run our actual Web Server application on their local host.  My temporary work around has been to just turn off Application Web Server in the boot up allowing the port (8080) to be available for other items.  My questions are the following:


First off, what kind of repercussions am I looking at when developing LabVIEW programs?  Will this process be required if I want to work on Network related applications?


Second, is it possible to change the port number of the Application Web Server so as to avoid any potential issues that may exist?

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The Application Web Server is only used by LabVIEW Web Services - if you're not using/writing/developing LabVIEW Web Services then it won't have any impact for you.


To change the port, open up the NI Web Based Configuration utility (normally on something like http://localhost:3582/) and under 'Web Server Configuration' you should see 'Application Web Server' and you can select which port should be used.


You can also access it from MAX by right clicking on 'My System' and selecting 'Web Configuration'.

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There's a plan to do some LabVIEW Web Services work in the near future.  So this was helpful.  Thank you good sir.

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One can also edit the port in the config file:


C:\Program Files\National Instruments\Shared\NI WebServer\NIWebAppServer.ini.defaults


C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Shared\NI WebServer\NIWebAppServer.ini.defaults


This avoids problems with Silverlight no longer being allowed to run in many browsers.

(Using NI MAX is a great idea, but even when I ran it as Administrator it complained about inadequate login permissions.)

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For LabVIEW 2015 this proposed solution was very suitable.
My problem is that I installed XAMPP because I need to make some corrections to a web application, and since the 8080 port was occupied by the NI Web Server, it was not possible to run the MySQL database engine of XAMPP.
Now everything works fine. Thank you.

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