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signal generation and measurement using VRTS

I am trying to generate a CW signal and measure  it using VRTS. The signal generation and measrement is done through VST.

from my readings i understood that the software options such as RFSG and RFSA is able to generate and measure it.

I want to use both the drivers and build a software tool for my use case.


some steps during building labview are :

  1. Genreation of signal usig RFSG
  2. measurement of signal using RFSA

i saw some example VIs of RFSG and RFSA, but i couldn't find a combined example for my use case

which pattern will be useful for my use case?state machine, P/c,or advanced frameworks?(I am learning labview through projects.not an advanced user)


how to plot the measured data as power vs frequency?How can i save the measured data? 

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