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Any GUID generating VI available?

Does anyone have a LV VI that generates a new GUID at runtime? I can not find one in LV or on the Internet.


GUID generation at Run Tim has many uses.


I would appreciate any info.

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Here is a recent thread where someone was doing just that.


In this thread, they were complaining that the randomly generated numbers were duplicating.  Yet I never saw that behavior, and they even had problems explaining it.


But the concept of building the string from the random numbers is there.

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There's also a VI in <LabVIEW>\resource\somewhere that generates a GUID using the normal Windows rules. I dont have a copy of LV on Windows to find it right now, but try searching the resource folder for VIs with GUID in their name and see what you can find (unless someone get give you a more exact location).



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Using .NET


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I cannot find this constructor when I select constructor. Is there a way to search for it, and other, useful constructors?

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It is in "mscorlib" under system


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It's in the mscorelib assembly. To find where a particular constructor is lurking, a good place to start is to search MSDN. Here is the page for System.Guid:


On the this page is normally a line like "Assembly:  mscorlib (in mscorlib.dll)" - This tells you where to find the constructor.


Alternatively, if you dont want to use the .net stuff, you could always use the VI that LabVIEW uses to for generating it's own GUIDs (installer creation, etc): <LabVIEW>\resource\Framework\Providers\API\




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Thanks. A useful utility.

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Here is a Windows only way to create a GUID. This calls the COCreateGuid function in the OLE32.dll library using a call library function node and gives you the enjoyment of seeing the source code.

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