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Algorithm that can calculate the shortest path between 0-360 degrees for an AC servo motor.

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How does Bob's solution stand up to the "golden" VI?

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Here (bottom) is alternative code that gives the same (probably incorrect!!!) result as the code by constructionworker (top).


Arguably slightly simpler 😄




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wiebe@CARYA wrote:

This seems to give the same results as the presumably working example.


At least for the 5 values I've tested:

Motor direction.png

Thanks for your answer.

This seems to work. 🙂
I almost started banging my head against the walls.

At least according to the chart here it looks error free.

I waited for a while and was able to better describe the problem once I understood what was required. I think the bird's nest helped explain the situation better 🙂


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wiebe@CARYA wrote:

@altenbach wrote:

wiebe@CARYA wrote:

At least for the 5 values I've tested:

Well, In this case it is simple to do an exhaustive analysis of all 360x360 possible inputs. For at least 1/8th of the samples, there is a difference in the "send to motor" command. I doubt any version is actually correct. 😄


Not that it helps, but I think the Current input isn't limited to 0 or 360, it can be anything...


Yes, but it can always be Q&R'd into 0..259. It is safe to say that if your version (I am not going to use the word "solution" for anything posted here! 😄 ) differs in the shown range, it is not the same.


We can easily expand the exhaustive 2D test for a much wider range of one of the inputs.

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Me trying to follow this thread-




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Thanks everyone for your effort. Problem solved.
The exact desired algorithm is as follows.


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@constructionworker wrote:

Thanks everyone for your effort. Problem solved.
The exact desired algorithm is as follows.

A greedy loop is never the solution.


Make sure you wear safety goggles and keep your fingers out of the device when testing with actual hardware. 😄


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