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Adding multiple custom edited controls affects vi runtime

I have a problem with custom edited pointer slider. After adding two or three custom sliders (from one .ctl file) the while loop which is responsible for comunication with external measurment card slows down so much that application is unable to work properly. Sliders are indicators and there is no data connected to them. What is more, if normal sliders from labview pallete are added instead everything works just fine.

I already checked whether custom sliders affects CPU or RAM and there isn't noticable change.

Do You have any idea what can cause this problem? 

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No idea here.  perhaps if you shared the ctl file somebody could see something.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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This is actually a very simple control. Smiley Sad

Another thing which I just noticed. Program is slowing down when indicators are placed on the Tab Control page (where they should be), if they are outside of tab control everything works fine. 

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When customizing a control try not to leave overlapping elements (the digital displays overlap) And watch out for overlapping controls (there is a VIA test for that!)  when any part of an overlapping control is redrawn all parts are redrawn and the control it overlaps must be redwawn as well requiring twice the refresh time and all of that must happen in the UI Thread.  This is your likely problem with your VI (and one of the reasons I hate Tabs)  


Fix the custom control by distributing the digital displays and getting them nearer to the housing.  Then make sure they do not overlap inside the tab container.

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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