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About LabVIEW screen is incorrect

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Ok I just started a new company. I downloaded LabVIEW 2018 on the new laptop. The prompt at the beginning asked for the NI account. I inadvertently used my personal LabVIEW email account. When I start LabVIEW and hit the "About" button, the "About LabVIEW" screen is displayed. My name and company is displayed - however this is incorrect. I have since created a new labview account with my new company email. How can I change the info on the About page?




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I am guessing you would have to re-activate your installation with the new email address.


That might mean uninstall and reinstall


Or maybe running the NI Licence Manager can fix it? That is buried down in the NI programs somewhere...

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I did a complete uninstall. When I reinstalled LabVIEW, I do not recall a prompt asking for my NI account info so perhaps that is saved in a cookie or other means. 



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I setup the license sever and it corrected the info. thanks!

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Before you get all excited.    Try creating a build spec.  Does it pull data from the VLA or your MyNI?..


Just looking for confirmation of what happens to me. 

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