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A simple tutorial to make a DLL wrapper?

Is there a simple, "Create a DLL wrapper for complete dummies", for those of us with little/no experience in text based languages who need to work with DLLs that don't play nice with LabVIEW? I have a DLL that I am unable to use the callback/event aspects of because I need to register a function/object for the callback, which from what I've read won't work in Labview without a wrapper DLL. Is it even possible to make a dummies guide for such a topic or is it just far too complex?

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I have not done this for a few years, but I recall following a recipe detailed in a youtube video.

This might be it:


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Callback functions and function pointers in general are definitely an advanced C programming feature that you learn in a normal C programming course somewhere in chapter 10 or so, after many other exercises that are not trivial either.


"Advanced C" IS NOT EQUAL "dummy"


So no there is no C wrapper guide for dummies as far as I'm concerned. I'm sure there are quite a few youtobe videos that try to tell you how this is done, but the problem is that unless you get a step for step explanation for your specific problem you will not be able to make something that will work reliable and even if you get something that seems to work, you can be almost assured that it will somehow corrupt your memory in some ways sooner or later, which may or may not crash your program. Usually it will start crashing at latest after you installed everything in some remote location where you have to first get a security clearance, board a plane and walk a few hundred miles before you can start debugging. 😎


The point is if you do not fully understand what you have done you can not even start to guess how good the chance is that what you have done is really correct. The proverbial "Look Mom it works (if I don't look to hard at it)" is simply not something you do want to have in an industrial type of application. There will be operators who will look at it with that dangerous look that makes everything crumble!

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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