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2D Picture to Intensity Graph

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I have three 2D arrays of U8 representing red, green and blue components of an image. I can easily combine them into one 2D U32 array using "RGB to" and display it as a picture (see attached VI). What I need though is to display the same image not as a picture, but as an intensity graph, with colors matching those of the picture (i.e. true RGB colors). How can I generate the color table for the intensity graph that would allow me to get the same image as a picture indicator using the same 2D U32 array as my data source? Thanks!

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Accepted by Cepera

The Z-scale of the intensity graph is 8-bit, so the closest you can come is by converting the picture to 8-bit using Picture to and Unflatten


RGB to Intensity Graph.png


Then you need to set the intensity graph so that it transposes the array (right-click option) and change the y-scale so it increases from the top (type 0 into the top marker and it will flip).


RGB to Intensity GraphFP.png

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Thanks Darin! I was missing the "8".

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