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steering problem

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I got some strange issue running steering node. I've tried example patch and it just runs for 6 second without moving motors.


I double checked wiring and encoder feedback (encoder readings are ok when I move motors on B&C by hand).

I use midnstorm with fw 1.31 and LV2014.




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Are you seeing the same behavior whether you target to the Computer or target to the NXT?


It could be that is just a bad example. Those Vis are deprecated. Try replacing with the Steering VI from the Motors palette. It looks the same, but has a different Motors terminal that accepts a Motor constant.

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Thanks Garrett, but I used Steering Vi from Motors palette already. Can't find other Steering Vi though.

I need to run it on NXT standalone. Target to computer works as expected, but when i deploy to NXT motors are not moving.

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Sorry, Garrett, not sure that I understand you..

That's what I'm trying to use:


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Accepted by topic author tnz

Double click the steering on VI and change the order of inputs to the NXTOutputMulti property node so that PortList is first, like shown. 


port list.PNG


Sorry, this was fixed when the steering VI was replaced in LabVIEW 2014 SP1.

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Thanks Garrett,

I did like you said, but notice strange behavior. When I use all three motors and try to steer B&C, motor A start rotating too. In test patch (on the screenshot) everything fine. Since I use port A in a different parts of my program I start getting troubles.

Mb you can shere proper steering on VI?

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You said everything is fine for the code you posted? I tested it out and it appears to work for me without moving motor A. Maybe another part of your code is moving motor A.



I don't think the updated VI will be any different, and unfortunately it isn't easy to share since it has a lot of dependencies that did not exist in LV 2014

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