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I have the problem, my young friends=)

I downloaded LabView 8.6 and NXT module for it. I have NXT robot i have maken a program to control it by mouse. But when i'm trying to download to robot, LabView compiles it and say, that "node cannot parsed". Can you help me?


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Can you post a screenshot of that error?


I tried to deploy your code to my NXT brick, but once I said File»Target NXT device, the VI was broken with a bunch of errors saying X feature is unsupported on the current target. Did you get errors like that as well?

Stephanie A.
Americas Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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i haven't got any button or command "target to NXT", so , i think, we have different versions of Labview.

I have Labview 8.6 and NXT module for this version from this link:

Must i have some kind of special version and module to work with NXT?

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From the sounds of it, you are using VIs that are not supported under the NXT brick. To use the NXT in LabVIEW in 8.6, you required the NXT Toolkit. In LabVIEW 2009 & 2010, the software set is called the NXT Module. You will not be able to install the NXT Module to LabVIEW 8.6 as LabVIEW 2009 is required.


Please verify that you have the proper Add-On installed for your version and try to run some of the example code shipped with it to verify the hardware is working properly. Shipping examples can be found under Help>>Find Examples and searching for NXT.


Logan H

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Now i have Labview 2010 and NXT module for it. But it shows me error. I don't know what to do.

There is screenshot.

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Did you try running an example program as Logan suggested?


Also, do you have more information about the errors in the subVIs? If you double click on the subVIs in question (Initalize Mouse, Acquire Data etc.) and look at that broken arrow, what to the error messages say? My error says " is not supported in current target".


If you open the VI by itself and not on a target, is the VI broken? I also know that to use those specific VIs that you will need an additional driver (You must have DirectX 8.0 or later to use this VI.) That is specified in the LabVIEW help. Generally, the NXT robots cannot use VIs that use additional drivers to operate.


When you say you were trying to control your program by mouse, how were going going to do that? Once you deploy your code, you won't be able to send signals to your NXT module from a mouse click on a computer. What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

Stephanie A.
Americas Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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