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Using mindsensors on labview NXT.

Hello, you could have read it in the title, I'd like to download add-ons or something to use mindsensors's pressure sensor (PPS58-Nx) on Labview NXT.


I've searched it but couldn't find anything to make this sensor work, I've downloaded the programs on the PPS58-Nx mindsensors's page but I couldn't make it work, maybe my Labview version is outdated or something ? Thanks to provide some help to this poor student. 🙂

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What version of LabVIEW do you use ?

Maybe, this sensor is EV3 compliance.

In this case, you neer to update you LabVIEW NXT :


Best Regards,

Guillaume D
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Hello, thanks for your reply.

I am using the 2015 Labview try version. So is it incomplete ?

Also, this sensor should be usable on NXT, as the official mindsensors page says so : "Digital Pneumatic Pressure Sensor for NXT or EV3"

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I've found out a part of a program having what I need to use the PPS58-Nx in it. It uses LabVIEW 2011 so I can use it.


I hope this will help you to find something out. 🙂 Thank you.



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I've found out what I needed already, but thanks for reading anyway. Have a nice day.

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