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Help with automating my LEGO MINDSTORM.

Help with automating my LEGO MINDSTORM.

Hey everyone.


I was given a task to automate my robot in order to perform the tasks required but I'm seem to get stuck every time I'm trying to run this program and I need someone's help to diagonise this problem.


Thank you guys Smiley Happy 

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Re: Help with automating my LEGO MINDSTORM.

Hi FarisM,


Thank you for your post. What is currently happening when you run the code?


As the VI stands currently, once the Enter Button has been pressed on the NXT, the rest of the VI will run once. This is because although there is a case structure with multiple cases, once a single case has run, the VI will not executre the functions until the VI is run again. Are you seeing behaviour where once the enter button is pressed the VI starts then seems to do one movement and then stops? You will need to implement a while loop around the rest of your code with some timing so that your algorithm runs continously.


I have also linked in an introduction to labVIEW, these guides can be quite useful to use as reference:


Best Regards,



Ben B.

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National Instruments UK & Ireland

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Re : Help with automating my LEGO MINDSTORM.



i need some help for my nxt mindstorm  robot which is suppose to detect obstacles and he has to realize the color of the ball(blue or red), head it towards  and type it up to the point of gol;
we start by using the motor button and then via bth;
thank you for your response

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