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Cannot read the ADC in built-in .exe


I am trying to read from the ADCs of Arduino Uno, here is my Block Diagram attached. i used 6 ADCs to get different data.

when i click the "Run" button in the both Block Diagram or Front Panel, it works perfectly, here is the screen shot.

shot 1.jpg

then i bulid the vi into .exe, this process done successly. But when i run the .exe file, it cannot read the data from ADCs, like i attached in the picture below.

shot 2.jpg

It seems there is nothing wrong with the block diagram, but the .exe file. So, i really hope that anybody can help me to fix this problem,

thanks for the attention, sorry for any bad speech...



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You have an infinite loop with no way to gracefully exit the program.  This means that your only method of stopping the application is the Abort button.  When using LIFA (or anything that requires opening a resource) using the abort button can prevent things from working the next time that you run it.

Ultimately, I'd recommend that you rethink how this is implemented so that it will work better such that it allows you to exit at any time without using the abort button so that you can close the LIFA resource.  A LabVIEW State Machine is a good place to start.

However, to do a quick test you can simply add the "Simple Error" in after the LIFA close and see what error pops up when you run it as an executable.

P.S.  I'd recommend that you upgrade to LINX because LIFA is old and unsupported.  LINX is the replacement for LINX and, in general, has faster communication.

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