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create empty directory folder in application and/or installer build specification

Status: New

Although new folders can be created in the application and installer build specifications, they are not created unless a file is put there. An empty folder is desireable for data output. It would be better for it to be created before running the application so that security access rights can be set by the person doing the installation if administration priveleges would otherwise be needed to create new files there. It leaves quite a bad impression on those who waste time finding out by trial and error that the folders defined in the build specifications are not created. The forum also documents complex schemes to work around this limitation by people who surely would rather have been doing something productive instead.

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

You are quoting "complex schemes to work around this limitation" without refering to any thread and you don't even describe in detail what bothers you...

The closest I can figure is the "Destinations"  tab of a Build Specification, which indeed doesn't create a folder when you "add" one in the list of destinations (and don't put something in it). The fact that a path seems to be created ("Destination Path") is misleading and could be construed as a bug, or at the very least a poorly documented "feature" (there is indeed nothing in the Help that indicates whether or not the folder will be created).

If this qualifies as an undocumented "feature" this would call for a CAR, and this request doesn't really belong to the IE, rather the generic LV forum.

Moreover, I have been told to not expect NI engineers to read all threads in details and figure by themselves that there is potential issue or bug at stake (even if you entitle your thread "[LabVIEW Bug Report] This is was buggers me").

The best way to get their attention is to file a bug report on the support page and redirect them to the thread you started (where further feedback may have been provided by others).

Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

I may be wrong, but could this not be done by having a post build VI creating that folder for you? I am using one to modify the ini file I release with my app, and the template post build VI gives you access to the build release folder, so that shouldn't be difficult to do.

It still remains that if you ask for a destination folder to be "added", I would expect it to be created. Otherwise, what's the point?

CAR pending...


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Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 1:24 PM
Subject: RE: (Reference#7480457) Phone Support E-Mail




The CAR ID is 579217. I did already hear back from R&D and the response was that this is expected behavior due to the underlying framework used to develop the installer. As for the Application Builder, the code is designed to create a list of possible destinations that are only used if you target a file to one of them. The easiest workaround is to use a post-build step to create the folder.

I will be filing for the documentation to be updated in LabVIEW Help to reflect this behavior. Thank you kindly for bringing this to our attention!

Applications Engineer
National Instruments