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User defined partial Highlight Execution

Status: Completed

Available in LabVIEW 2019 and later. Right-click any wire and select Custom Probe > Toggle Execution Highlighting. Place one of these probes before and after the section of code you want to run with highlight execution enabled.

I would love to be able to draw a box over a bit of code on the block diaghram and be able to highlight execution just for what's in the box. The rest of the code should execute at full speed. This frequently becomes an issue when you are trying to track down a bug in a big program and you've got to wait for ages to get to the bit your interested in.
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You should note that you can already do something like this today - you can set a breakpoint (or, even better, a conditional breakpoint) at the point where you want to start highlighting. Then, when the code pauses, you turn on highlighting and press the pause button to get the VI to continue running.

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Thanks for that TST. Your right and that is a helpful way of going about it.
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Sure tst, you can do that, but if I'm continually tweaking a bit of code with different values, then using that method is laborious.  I like therealkilkenny's idea.

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Thanks for your contribution!  I suggested the same at the Bay Area LabVIEW User Group Meeting last week.

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See also this old 3+ year old thread where I basically proposed the same. 😉 I also still like my second suggestion to keep the other debugging buttons active during highlighting, to e.g.  quickly finish a loop and continue highlighting at the next structure, for example.
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As a mechanism for marking the region, I would like to see something like a breakpoint that is a "Start Hilighting" point and another "Stop Hilighting" somewhere downstream. Then you could make sure that the hilighting starts when it hits your "region of interest". And if you're between those two points, if you step into a subVI, I'd like to see exec hilighting automatically be on for that subVI, and turned off again when you step out of that subVI.
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Sure. I was abt to suggest this...
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I agree with Aristos "Q".  Set something like highlight breakpoints.  Doing it manually is tedious.


abt to suggest this... found in the search.Anyways.. good one


 about to post this one...:)