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Output tunnels from event structure should default to NOT "Use Default if Unwired"

Today, if you wire something out of a case structure, the resulting tunnel does not use the default value if it is unwired.


In event structures (and disable structures), however, the tunnel defaults to use the default value if unwired. This is the more dangerous choice and should thus be reversed - the default for event structures should be NOT to use the default if unwired.


For disable structures, the current behavior makes more sense than it does for event structures, but maybe it should also be reconsidered. One way this could work is if the code broke only if the enabled cases are unwired, but this has some issues with the conditional structures, where code which is currently disabled might be enabled on another platform or when building an EXE.

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Personally, I always liked the current tunnel behavior for event structures. The tunnel I always need goes from the event structure to the loop termination and here the obvious choice is to get the default FALSE, except for the few cases where we need to stop the VI.


I am against changing this. However maybe we could have it as a configurable option where we can override the default behavior seperately for case, event, and disable structures.


In fact I would even configure case structures to use defaults if unwired for my personal environment. It make quick testing of incomplete VIs easier because the are runnable even if not all cases are completed yet.



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Knight of NI

I can see the reasoning for wanting the UDIU option if you're doing a lot of quick prototyping and throw-away VIs, but I can say that for the majority of my actual work, the safe option is prefered. I agree that the loop stop condition is almost always set to UDIU, but I would prefer toggling that and not the rest than the rest and not that.


Configuration options are less likely to happen (more work, more documentation, more headaches for the user), and personally I wouldn't want this to be optional, but if it is implemented as a config option, it should be default to not having UDIU set.

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Related Idea: Option for Disabled Structures to Not Use Default Value for Unwired Output Tunnels

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In my CLD exam (6 years ago) I lost a point because the corrector thought that using "Use Default If Unwired" was an unnecessary risk.

If this is the official NI opinion, then I really don't unterstand, why this is the default option anywhere. Smiley Wink


Please turn this off or at least give us the choice to turn it off ourselves!