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Official LabVIEW Docker Images

Status: New

I wish LabVIEW had Official Container (Docker) Images.


With more and more users trying to use the docker in Continuous Integration, it would be 

interesting supporting a NI Official Image on Docker Hub (or any other place). Containers provide an easy way of creating reproducible tests and builds.


The build of LabVIEW docker images has been feasible since NI Package Manager command line was launched, and for NI wouldn't be a new thing.


The advantage is that the images (Windows, Linux or Mac OS) could be optimized by NI team only for working for LabVIEW, shrinking size and removing unused files.


Anyone else would support this idea or has anything to complement?


I agree that this would be very interesting. I have an actual opportunity to integrate several LabVIEW projects on an Edge Infrstructure. The Edge Infrstructure requires Docker images.


Kind Regards



It would be interesting to have NI's team take on this. I haven't seen a lot of reaction from them when it comes to this question. Most of the articles/work on the subject seem to come from the dev community.


I am in agreement.  I have been researching an econimical means to suppport CI as a small buisiness.  I have found a linux based and an x86 based SBC that can run docker.  I would love an optimized container from NI to accomplish this.


Bill Welch

I am also adding a new reason here for NI to keep these images: determinism.


To create LabVIEW Docker images we usually use meta-packages, and as I've noticed, this meta-package content changes along the time. So, we are not able to reproduce building the same image over and over.


Yes, we could add every package, one by one, with their versions, but then, that is a lot of trouble for mortals like me. Has anyone looked how many packages are installed with LabVIEW?