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Modify a Typedef from wire interaction

When using Typedef's I often have teh control wire passing through a VI. If I need to modify the typedef, I have to either create an instance of the controil/indicator, or got to a VI that uses the typedef control and the righ-click. From here I can open the Typedef.


What I would like to do is to be able to right-click on the wire and select directly 'Open Typedef' without having to go to a control.


It is a minor issue, but if I am in the middle of development in a VI, I don't want to have to click away from the VI under development to find the control. Additionally, creating a constant so that I can right-click on it is also not so convenient. If the Typedef is a large cluster, the block diagram may be distorted when the Typedef appears.


I like this idea, though what would happen in the case of a non-typedef'd cluster that contains multiple typedef'd items?  Should it show multiple menu items? 

Also, what about nested typedefs?

Jon D
Certified LabVIEW Developer.
Active Participant

This gave me another idea: propagating typedefinition: Let's say that you have wired up lots of code, with subVIs etc all working on a wire - and you realize you should have based it on a typedef. Today this would mean you would need to click on one of your controls or indicators to create a typedef, and then youw ould need to replace all the other controls and indicators with that typedef. Instead we could just click on a wire, choose to make a typedef, and - it could offer us the option to replace the complete data flow up and downstream with that typedef. Voila. :-) If you have other VIs that need the same replacement but did not happen to be included in your current data flow then you still need to do that job manually...but that's OK.

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I really like Mads followup. It reminds me of how much hassle GOOP saves us when cloning a class. I think you should submit it as a separate entry.



@Mythilt: I cannot think how we could handle a non-typedef'ed cluster to allow editing. The point being there is no typedef to edit.


However, Mads idea is an excellent one. And I agree with Dmitry that this should be made as a separate idea. This could really be a useful time saving feature.

Active Participant

Thanks guys, I've done as you suggested and have posted the comment as a separate idea.

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