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Menu File Open to default to same directory as VI

Status: New

It would save me a lot of time browsing around the file system if, when selecting File/Open from the menu of a given VI, the file selection dialog that opens started at the same directory the VI is in.


Make that an option in LabVIEW initialization file, for people that rather have the current behavior.  Default to current behavior for minimal disturbance.


We have over 20 thousand files all over some deep hierarchy.  Sometimes we have two versions of that mapped in different places.  The time wasted navigating from one place to another is a bit of a pain.  Storing Quick Access directories only works up to a certain point.  it would also allow running two versions of LabVIEW simultaneously, without stomping over one another.


See this post in the forums where I asked for help with this last case.


Proven Zealot

Presumably also use same directory as project or library if opening from a project or library window?


Yes! Is it possible? Sometimes it seems after I navigate to a folder in Windows - not in a LabVIEW file dialog - then LabVIEW "File\Open" defaults to the last Windows location. (For me it happens frequently when navigating back and forth between the source code and data-files produced by source code.)  Other times LabVIEW FIle\Open dumps me into the root directory. I end up keeping two File Explorer windows open, one of data directory, one of source directory.