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Linked Tunnel Node - Gui improvements

I think that a couple of very simple UI improvements to the linked tunnels ability would be great.


1 - when you click create and wire linked nodes, the cursur becomes a solder iron, and annoyingly the scroll bars stop working - this is annoying if you have a large case structure.  So firstly should allow scroll bars

2 - another simple tweak would be to allow a quick jump to the other side of the case structure - since this is typically wheree you are connecting.

3 - once a linked node is created, if the link is broken, then in order to rewire it you have to 'create and wire linked inputs' again - even though it knows where the node is.  Would be nice to have another option - to wire to the already linked node.

Trusted Enthusiast

"So firstly should allow scroll bars"  

yes, i'm agree with you 100% (I think it's a bug)

Knight of NI

I don't know why you would call the cursor a soldering iron.  It looks like a wire spool with a tunnel box overlaying it to me.


True the scrollbars are usable when that cursor comes up.  But you are able to scroll where you need to by putting the cursor to the edge of the window.


2.  Yes a jump might be a good idea.  But if the case structure is so larger that you need this, then when it jumps, you might lose track of where you are.  I'd rather have it scroll to the position by me moving the cursor so I don't lose track of where I am in a large block diagram.


3.  True.  That makes sense to me.

Active Participant

Re: #3 and broken link.


I think you will find if you switch to a case where a wire still connects the input and output, you can right-click and select LInked Input Tunnel -> Create & Wire Unwired Cases and it will complete without having to select the input terminal Smiley Wink


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Thanks for the comments. 


Ravens Fan:

I guess you are right about the wiring icon.  I figured it was a roll of solder but i stand corrected. 


Scrolling - does work -  but is really slow.

I take your point about the jumping - although if you have hit a button saying that you want to jump to the other side it would make sense.  Also - 'find' brings you to the other side - but it doesn't make wiring any easier because it isn't usuable untill the wiring is done.



Are you sure? Try it with the example i am uploading.  When you click create and wire unwired cases it comes up with the 'wiring tool'.  Which is silly since there is already a 'linked' node.

I agree with you that this is how it should work - but it isn't how it currently works.** I couldn't uploade the example as a coment - instead put it on the forum






Knight of NI

2. There is a "find" function for the linked tunnels.  It doesn't help to wire, but it's there.

3.  Interesting.  You need to "clear" the link and then "create and wire unwired cases" in order to get every case wired up.  If you do that from a case with the wire just passing through, it works.  Otherwise you have to select the other tunnel.  I would call this a bug personally.

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