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LabVIEW Viewer

Status: New

The LabVIEW Viewer would be a stand-alone application that allows for the viewing on VIs for someone who doesn't have a full-blown LabVIEW installation.  It would function similar to how the development environment functions on a 'locked' VI.


I've used 'VI Documentation' in the past, but this viewer would allow for live navigation, context help, drilling-down into SubVIs, scrolling through case structures, etc.







Another issue is cost.


What about the cost per license.

Our company would rather spend money on license for people developing software instead of opening read only files to look at software. It's kinda a pain to print out all pages of a LabVIEW program. 


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How about providing a vi viewer function for the user forums?  HTML server side based to view the front panel and block diagrams as images using any browser.  That would greatly enhance the forums for people who like to read/reply when using machines without lab view installed (like my iPad).


A LabVIEW viewer is needed!


For our development there are multiple reviewers (over 10).  These are from our co-workers, QA, our customer and his sub-contractors.  Asking everyone to purchase LabVIEW to review the code is cost prohibited.  Trying to print these out, for the small sub-VI's, this works.  When there are multiple case statements, or branches within the code this is where it fails. 


As LabVIEW grows and keeps being used for more critical application, a viewer to allow code review becomes more of requirement then a desire.


Some how this needs to more of a priority of National Instruments.

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One option could be for Labview to automatically create a clickable HTML model (or PDF) similar to what can be done with Simulink. Then they would not have to develop a separate viewer.

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MatKI: that tool was created and exists on LAVA. I haven't used it in a while, but I believe it still works:



A free viewer is essential for a graphical programming language which is not exportable to a pseudo-code text equivalent.


Why can't NI just issue a viewer license like Altium does which allows you to view but not edit? Simpler than a stand alone viewer.

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Seconding the viewer license. It should also automatically apply to expired subscription licenses.


I recently found myself trying to do a code walk through with a customer, except the LabVIEW subscription license had expired that morning so I couldn't open LabVIEW at all. Attempts to reactivate it failed (even though the new license had been paid for the previous week), so I couldn't do anything. Having LabVIEW revert to a viewer license would've let me save face.

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