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LabVIEW Search Should Find Error Ring Text

I use Error Rings for custom errors and I love it.  Being able to reuse existing codes but give addition information, or using extra string or numeric inputs makes my code more compact and readable.  But one thing I noticed is that if I perform a search in LabVIEW, it won't look at the text in the Error Ring.  Here is an example.


Error Ring Search 1.PNG

Even though my Error Ring contains the text "table" and it is even shown in the node, the LabVIEW search returns nothing.  There are times that my users get an error and they send it to me.  Then I will search for that text in my project only to find it isn't there.  But it is actually there, just hidden away inside the XNode that is the Error Ring.


Can we improve the LabVIEW search function to search inside Error Rings?

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This is a duplicate of which holds a little more information (tl;dr: might be difficult to implement)

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Dang thanks.  I did a search first but didn't find it.  With those key words I kept finding the search function on the Error Ring itself.  The other kicker is that I already had your idea kudo'd.

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