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LVCompare should always run in "My Computer" Context

Status: New

When running LVCompare from the command-line (i.e. from my Tortoise SVN shell) it will try to open the compare tool in the last context which was active.  Unfortunately, the code required does not run in RT or FPGA contexts.


I would propose that LVCompare, when called int his way, should ALWAYS run in "My Computer" Context.  Or even better, in a context all of its own (new Project).


So if I have a LabVIEW project containing 3 different contexts (targets) : Windows, RT and FPGA and I perform a LVcompare on any file, how do I switch the context to the correct target ?  

I suspect this problem also happens in LVmerge as well but there it is larger because files form each context can and do change at the same time.  BTW I am using TortoiseGit but the problem is likely the same.

Proven Zealot

The only way I have found is to first select something in the Windows target of a random project which is open, then the LVCompare code actually has a chance of running.


It's ridiculous though, it should start a new application space specifically for running the code so that this problem does not occur.