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Interpolate array should accept complex points

Status: New

It is a little know feature that "interpolate 1D array" also accepts arrays of xy points. (Here's an example from this post)



However, these days I mostly do xy graphs using complex data (RE=x, IM=y), and it would be useful if "interpolate array" would also accept complex arrays the same way, interpolating IM based on RE, in this case.


Here's similar code (fragment) using complex, but now it's not possible to interpolate the xy data directly because complex is currently not a valid input.




Similar to xy graphs, interpolate array should accept complex arrays and it would act the same as when an array of xy points is wired to it instead.


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My thought exactly when I saw the original post.  While I was trying it, you were busy posting this...

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Nice idea, though the workarounds are fairly straight-forward, either typecast to an array of XY points,or threshold and then interpolate:




Interpolate 1D-array should accept array inputs for 'fractional index or x' as well


Interpolate 1D Array


I often use this function to perform a non-linear correction on raw data where I connect the "Calibration table" or "LUT" to 'array of points'

to correct each point individually by using a for loop. It would be much easier to correct the raw data without having to use a for loop.


Also, it would be great if the "Array of Points" option accepted an array that uses timestamps for the X values without me haviing to do any typecasting in my code.  I know there's a limit to how many different permutations of XY arrays that can reasonably be supported without typecasting, but it seems like having timestamps for x values is at least as commons, if not more common than complex values.