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Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneCloud, etc. Cloud Storage APIs

I have been recently asked by NI to answer a poll about what feature I would like to see as far as data management and access and at that time, I didn't really think about mentioning something which is dearly missing in LabVIEW: cloud storage access.

The reason for this request is that increasingly, files used by collaborations cannot always be copied locally (for instance due to their size or because of frequent updates), or managing local copies and updating the central cloud repository is getting prohibitively time consuming and cumbersome.


There exist a few attempts in this direction (e.g. GDrive for LabVIEW, a third party skeleton of a toolkit to access Google Drive, or LabVIEW Interface for Amazon S3), but there are some glaring absent ones such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or iCloud to name the most popular ones.

As I mentioned before, GDrive is a starting point but is missing some basic features such as folder list, comments, etc.

I cannot comment on Amazon S3, as I don't use it.

Obviously, there is no way to predict which cloud storage solution will disappear in a few years from now or which one will pop-up tomorrow and become popular, but most of the work has been done by those vendors, who provide .NET API for their cloud solutions (maybe not Apple) or at the very least a RESTful API. These APIs could of course be made community projects (like GDrive is to some extent), but their importance would seem to justify a minimal investment from NI.