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For Loop (conditional terminal)

Knight of NI

Does making a change like this provide any benefit?

Trusted Enthusiast

Firstly, sorry for my bad english, i will try to explain my best.
Labview is a visual language. The stop terminal is sometimes "lost" in the block diagram,

It is sometimes difficult to find it with a single glance.

This change allows you to see quickly the kind of stop terminal, and thus avoid mistakes.

Active Participant

This is a visual improvement. No matter it has to provide any benefit. LV needs a lot of visual improvements. Smaller reference controls/indicators, visually better structures, etc. I think a better idea exchange forum is needed to group ideas in same direction but not same indeed.

Zafer DEPE
R&D Proje Lideri
Elektronik Müh.

Not a good idea in my opinion. The functionality is not changed at all if you stop on true or stop on false. The red dot indicates this For Loop can be stopped before N executions - it is not relevant if it is set on a true or on a false boolean value. It would be confusing to introduce a new visual symbol when nothing really change...