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Floating ruler on Front Panel

Status: Declined

National Instruments will not be implementing this idea in LabVIEW 20xx.

I would love to be able to show a ruler on the front panel....when turned on it should float above the objects on the panel...not unlike a cursor with lines in both planes if the panel was a graph. Unlike the grid this would make it simple to align e.g. columns when you have multiple tables underneath eachother. You could of course have this on the diagram as well, but the main use for such accuracy is on the front panel.


There are thirds party tools that do this, but it seems more natural to have it available in LV when we already have a grid that only solves a part of the alignment challenge.

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Just trying to understand your idea a little better....what would you primarily use the ruler for?

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The panel grid and the align function is not always applicable, let's say that I want to make sure that some controls are aligned - but they aligned with a set of controls on a different page in a tab control e.g...Alignment  between non-selectable parts of an object with other thing are also difficult..The different items might be on different sub-panes etc. etc.


That was all about alignment though...the next issue is when you want something to be a specific distance from somewhere.


It would probably be better if I made a picture or video of the use cases, but I hope you get the idea from what I've written so far.


Thanks for this great idea, sadly I was just looking for such an option in LV 15 which does not exist. A small indication box indicating the exact cursor position (x,y-coordinates) would be sufficient for precise placement of GUI elements possibly placed at the bottom-left on the front panel where the project path is currently displayed (this indicator could still remain in the block diagram).

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Status changed to: In Development
DNatt, NI
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Status changed to: Declined

National Instruments will not be implementing this idea in LabVIEW 20xx.

DNatt, NI