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Fit to pane = Fit to tab

Status: New

Using "Fit control to pane" and the "Scale Object with Pane" options it is now relatively simple to build front panels that scale the way users are used to from other applications - however there is one shortcoming that it is easy to run into: cases where you want a tab and (some of) the controls (a table e.g.) on it to scale with a pane.


Getting the tab to fit and scale is a done deal, but then comes the scaling of the objects on the tab...


The option you have today is to fit the controls on the tab to the pane...however that does not give a proper behaviour because then they grow larger than the tab they are on. Objects that are set to fit and scale to the pane should basically use the tab as their "pane" - not the pane the tab is on.


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I was very happy with the introduction of panes (in LV8.x?), that finally allows some resizing of controls when resizing the window.

If you use tabs today (I am using LV8.5.1) you cannot use the panes efficiently because of this missing "size to tab page" option.

By the way, when this option becomes available, there must be also the possibility to put panes into a tab page, not only into a front panel...

Then we could easily create front panels that  behave like the "simple" Windows Task-Manager of Windows XP:



when resizing the window, the selected controls are resized inside the tab page:



By the way if you think this idea isusefull check the sister idea "tabs control with splitter bar" (

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sounds good.. but is there anyone else who could send me an example??

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An example of what?

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Here is an interesting thread about this. It also contains an example of the workaround I'm currently using: