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FP Overlay

Status: New

OK, this may be a bit of a way-out-there suggestion but here goes.....


There are times when I would really like to be able to create some kind of "overlay" for an entire FP.  I'd actually like for an overlay for the entire available screen, but let's not get TOO far ahead of ourselves.


Uses may include user direction (highlighting in RED) or some menu-like interaction or whatever....


I know this can be simulated using a picture control but then all user interaction goes to the picture display which must be on top for it to work....


Or how about something like the Wafeform graph with Back Middle and top pictures available.....



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I am not sure I understand what you mean by overlay in the context of your description. |

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I'm with PJM_LabVIEW 🙂 Do you mean that you want to mask parts of the FP so that they don't react to clicks, etc?

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Well, I kind of stole the "overlay" name from the vision package.


It's a decoration which does not catch UI events (CLicks or whatever) but which can overlay (as the word suggests is in the highest display layer) the rest of the FP.



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I think the ability to ignore events on a decoration would accomplish this.  More like a button decal than a decoration.  Possible add a property to decorations called Ignore all events which would make it transparent to the event structure.


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Proven Zealot

No it's not like decorations.  Decorations can't be isntantiated and destroyed at run-time.  This would essentially be a picture control without catching events.


Anything you can do with a picture control you could do with this...



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I recently did this with a modal window. You can set transparency of the modal window, allowing for an "alpha overlay". Mine was fullscreen (a "Clean Screen" function, allowing operator to wipe muck off of touchscreen panel without registering clicks), so it would be a little harder to implement only the rectangular section you want.

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An updated version of this idea has recently been posted here.