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Control Shortcuts

Status: New

Inspired by this discussion, I was wondering if control shortcuts could be useful.


A control shortcut points to a real control and looks and operates exactly the same (except in edit mode it could have a little arrow in the lower right corner indicating that it is a shortcut. e.g. similar to a shortcut icon in windows). There is only one terminal on the block diagram, but the control can be operated equally from the real control or from the shortcut. In run mode, the operator would not know the difference.


The same would also apply to indicators: only one terminal, but several indicators (one normal, others are shortcuts) showing the same information.


This can be useful for complex UIs with tab controls and would eliminate block diagram clutter.


Active Participant

I could have sworn that I saw (or even posted) something similar this idea... let me see if I can find it.


It's definitely something I support though.


EDIT: Well, I didn't find it. Maybe I saw it in a dream...


Brilliant Idea!

Proven Zealot

But don't limit it to a single VI......

Knight of NI

When I first saw this, I did not like it much. 


However, considering that the control of indicator is just the UI connection to the wire, havign multiple front panel devices connected to the same terminal might be worth considering.


This could be like the digital display on a slider: two ways to access the same wire.


Will this create the possibility of race conditions in the future when "gesture-enabled" touch screens recognize multiple touches? In other word, would it be possible to move two instances of a slider or knob in opposite directions (or more generally to different values) simultaneously?


Should the terminal glyph change in some way when linked to multiple front panel instances?


I am giving this kudos to encourage the discussion.





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Will this create the possibility of race conditions...?


I don't think so. The tablet or other touch screen will be able to sense the 0.5ms difference in which finger dropped down first, and then will give control to that finger. Since the controls are intimately linked, the one that is under the other touch will mimic the 1st control.


Should the terminal glyph change in some way when linked to multiple front panel instances?


Most likely, yes.