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Conditional Disable Symbols settable in Application Builder

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I use the conditional disable structure in my projects to turn debug options on and off.

At the moment before every build I have to go into the project properties and make sure that DEBUG variable is set to FALSE and after the build I have to change it back.

You can get around this by automating you build but an option in the build specifications would simplify this.


It would make life much more convenient if there were a list of the available (non-system) conditional disable symbols in the application builder dialog where the appropriate variables for the build could be set. This would also allow for a simple duplication of a build spec to have one with DEBUG=TRUE, and one with DEBUG=FALSE.

Also it would be nice if targets (FPGA, etc) could optionally inherit defined conditions from parental entities (Project, My Computer, etc).
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I so totally came up against this issue again today - I have an app that can be built with different security modules in it (DSC, TestStand, Active Directory, etc), some of which require different run time licenses (eg: if a project is going to use the TestStand security module, I don't want the DSC code in the build, otherwise it'll get upset when it runs and doesn't find a DSC license). Having different build specs with conditional disable strucutres would fix this issue.

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Yes it would be very nice.

Yesterday, I have built an app with a bad CDS value (I forgot this step) and send it to my customer.


CDS settable in the Application Builder would fix this issue.    



I have wished for this for quite a while.  I guess (based on the Kudo count) that not a lot of people are needing this, but those who do, would really appreciate it.


Cela est effectivement indispensable !!!


Yes!  I have been waiting for this.  I have one particular project in which I build the same code base into different exe versions (i.e. hardware supported version, no hardware, simulated, etc.) with different build specifications for each.  Currently there is no way to define a condition in the build specification, only the project.

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This would be a great help as I have to maintain several versions of some applications with changes for different locations.  This would simplify the build process so I wouldn't have to manually change symbol to build the application for each different location.

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Kudos are always welcome

Absolutely necessary!!!!!!!!! Kudos on this one forever!


I want this so much. I have to build up to 7 executables in one project with different conditional disable settings on a regular basis. Those are for different devices which share the same software, but have different hardware.

I could just select "Bulid All" and go for lunch.

I am, indeed, very happy about the posibility given by the conditional disable values.


I'm afraid that this kind of things doesn't get the attention which all those "lovely" ideas get.

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As a workaround, you could try setting the symbol programmatically. I haven't done this myself, and it wouldn't be supported, but there's an example here -

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