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Compass UI Control and/or Improvements to the Picture Control

Status: New

In the world of robotics, underwater vehicles, autonomous systems and more...there's a need for a few more UI controls that turn into quite a hack with the current picture control implementation. To quote a few of my new friend (Philbot and PJM_JKI)...


We need 1) A Compass (see attached image), 2) A way of displaying Pitch and Roll (like an artificial horizon) 3) A way of displaying thruster control (usually tie to the Pilot joystick)

...quoting PJM_JKI directly..."If there are no new native controls added, I would request improving the Picture Control (this would, in general, be a very good thing for LabVIEW). For instance one can create their own control using the picture control (see attached image of the compass we put together using this technique), but there are several limitations that requires a lot of work to overcome.


Picture control improvements:


  1. Performance (I think it will make a major difference if the Picture Control would use OpenGL Hardware acceleration for instance).
  2. Support for alpha transparency.
  3. Support for drawing antialiased object (such as lines, rectangle, circle, arc, ....)."

Something as cool as this is possible...but with a lot of work (from PMJ_JKI): 


RoboGret: Thanks for the endorsement about this.

I will just add that the 3 bullet points about the picture control improvements are not in order.

I think, priority wize, the order should be 3 (antialias), then 2 (alpha tranparency) and finally 1 (performance improvement). 

Additionnaly, these improvements (antialias and alpha transparency) should be native, if at all possible (for better performance). |

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By the way, the reason I support this idea is for the three reasons (and I agree on the order) as PJM_JKI.
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Have you tried the 3D picture control?


I just upgraded an old Picture control display to the 3D picture control (abusing it as a 2D display).


It has built-in transparency, antialiasing and is a lot faster.


I was programatically creating pixmaps for display on a 2D picture control and it was SLOW.  Doing the same operation with the 3D control is approximately 10 times faster.


It takes a day or two to get your head around it but I personally find it great.

Message Edited by Intaris on 07-08-2009 08:26 AM

How can i get this compass rose? I need them for a application and this rose looks very beautyful.