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Color LEDs!

Status: New

The LabVIEW forum has shown the constant need of a colorbox indicator that looks like an LED (round or square). Of course we can make our own, but maybe it would be easier if these would ship with LabVIEW.



Here are some example links. It comes up all the time! 😄

4 Color LED



Knight of NI

Imagine how much easier the implementation of the security system would be using color LEDs 😄


It is an abuse of booleans to display more than two possible states!

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Looks like a good idea.
Message Edited by Hornless.Rhino on 17-12-2009 02:53 PM
Knight of NI

will they blink?

Knight of NI

Plain color boxes have a "blinking" property, so this would not be any different. 😄


(Of course for more dramatic effect I would probably use a small separate loop to cycle through some fancy pulsating muti-color sequences. ;))

Knight of NI

this would make great x-mas decorations 😄

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Brilliant idea.. This can make work lot more easier.. Smiley Happy

Knight of NI

I just "re-invented the wheel" without realizing it, but nowhere near as elegantly.  I had need for 24 LEDs, but I also wanted them to have Boolean On/Off properties.  I made a "spatial Array" (that is, I dropped 24 different Booleans) in a 4 x 6 pattern, created References for each and bundled this into an Array.  I then wrote an Action Engine that would let me turn a selected (or all) of the Booleans:

On, Off, Hide (invisible), Show, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, and Black.  I used Colors for "Status" indicators (Green is Good, Red is Error, Black is Not In Use), and there are On/Off color settings for all except Black (Bright Black = Dim Black).  It's kind of neat, but a bit of work with Property Nodes and such.  And I can't make it as a "real" Array (which would certainly simplify the code)!


Bob Schor