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Changing display style on string constants should make the style selector visible

Status: New

On a block diagram string constant, there are shortcut menus to change the display style. Currently, we can change the style without making the selector visible. That leads to bugs when later programmers do not realize that the string they are editing is in a different mode. Currently, we have to choose "Visible Items >> Display Style" first, which makes the shortcut menu items useless (because then we just use the now-visible selector ring). In the future, when we change the style through one of the shortcuts, I would prefer that the selector automatically becomes visible. 



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Same thing for the radix on a numeric control.  I did implement that with my QuickDrop plugin: Format Numeric 

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I agree, provided that it does not change the behavior of the scripting properties:


Here I mean, changing programmatically the Display Style or Display Format should not change the Display Format Visibility or Radix Visibility.

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Another reason to implement this idea:

Often when LV beginners are posting on the forum, they show images of code instead of actual code. So being able to actually see the radix/style on numerics and strings would make helping much more efficient.